Giant Domino In Your Patio Area

Domino is interesting game. May be you never thought for decorate your house with domino card. But we will make it real. We have giant domino card that useful for house decoration. Our product made of best quality of Teak wood and carved by professional craftsman. So it very unique and interesting to put it in your house or may be at your backyard. In the picture you can imagine how giant it is. Sure, it is wooden giant domino that polished in brown or natural wood color and we give it black and red points on it.

Giant domino is an exotic wooden handmade craft for patio and indoor decoration. This wooden handmade has polished as natural wood color. It because our craftsman are very expert in finish various kind of handmade product, so this giant domino looks heavy but easy to move. We present the different one from other. This wooden giant domino is very interesting and perfect if you use it for your patio decoration. Show your love towards your family by decorating your house with this beautiful giant domino.

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