Summer Chess Game

Outdoor chess game is interesting to do. You can play the outdoor chess with your friends and family to fulfill your summer holiday. It will eliminate your fatigue of busy day. Not only you or your friends, kids and adolescent also like to having fun in garden, backyard, beach, camp, and another outdoor area. Its very fun to having outdoor game in the summmer.

You just have to prepare the outdoor chess equipment, such as; the chess pieces set and the squares chess board. The giant chess set with its wide squares board are recommended for you. Play the chess game at nature tourism and feel its environment arround. It won't be hard game for your brain because you can enjoy the fresh air arround it.

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Dark Green And Yellow King Chess Piece

In the picture, you can see the different color of chess. Usually, you know about brown and black chess pieces. But here we present different chess for you. We have dark green and yellow giant chess for your garden or hotel outdoor. You want to some different touch for your home or your children room? Why don’t try this color chess. Make up your room be colorful and funny with such color, including; yellow, red, orange, pink, or other light colors.

Based on this picture, color chess would become the attractive one for you. It would be nice if put this color chess in your house. We provide variety color chess pieces in a variety of fun colors. You can decorate your children room with some color chess.
Our chess pieces has made from best quality of Teak wood and carved by our professional craftsman. Very durable in any weathers and seasons.

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Giant Checker Pieces

Similar to giant chess, the checker piece is also available in different sizes and colors. Checker piece also comes in giant size. We offer the giant checker piece for board game and decoration. Placed in living room, checker piece becomes the point interest of your place.
This set is constructed of the best quality of Teak wood, carved by our professional craftsman and polished well in black and brown. Perfect for garden, backyards, schools, recreation centers, country clubs, resorts, and camps. You can put it at your garden in long time without worry about the damage, because our product is made from best quality of Teak wood. At the bottom of the piece, we use flannel as a cover.

Interesting to wood checker pieces? We have lots of different wood checker pieces, in painted, varnished, and finishes. Increase the joy of playing board games with our checker pieces that are beautifully designed and will make excellent gifts for friendly competition.

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Outdoor Chess In Western Country

If you want to decorate your garden with extraordinary piece of art, the wooden giant chess is highly recommended. It is more than just outdoor decoration, this chess piece is also can be used for outdoor game that will strengthen the bound of your family or friends. Create interesting  and challenging outdoor chess game with this kind of giant chess set!

In western country, giant chess set is very popular for outdoor game. Western people like to put giant chess set include its wide board at garden, backyard, beach park, school park, etc. Mostly, they choose strong and durable giant chess for outdoor use. That's why the Teak giant chess is preferred than other chess pieces. It because the Teak wood has strong characteristic which durable in any seasons.

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Geometric Chess Piece – Rook

This is an example of geometric chess piece. In the picture above is Geometric Rook chess piece. Geometric chess offers modern style. Made of teak and polished in brown color, so different with ordinary chess. The geometric shape escapes you from the ordinary chess model. It is the combination of innovation and art. It has geometric shapes and futuristic look. Get your challenge of chess game by using this kind of chess piece.

Beside as chess game use, this chess piece will be a focal point in your living room or library. Geometric chess is undoubtedly stunning. This geometric chess is absolutely stylish and worth keeping. It’s best used for indoor decoration such as room, home, office, and public areas. As home decoration, it can be placed on your sofa table, book case, coffee table for your convenience.

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Foam Chess Mats For Giant Sizes

A chessboard is square and flat, consisting of 64 squares, 32 black squares and 32 white squares. Like our wooden chessboards, our foam chessboard can also be attached to floor or ground. Because it is made from a kind of foam material, it is, like our fabric boards, very light and easy to carry, greatly appreciated by children. Though this board is regularly used for indoor play, it does not preclude the possibility of its being used for outdoor play.

You can bring it when you having recreation with your family. You can take it in your car by stack it in the trunk. The chess pieces are made of Teak wood, so it will heavy to move. Because of that reason, we try to reduce your load by introduce this kind of mats chess.
By using this mats chess, the giant lawn chess pieces are light enough to move easily. The chess mats will complete the chess set in your yard or recreation area.

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Carving Chess In Thai Horse Model

Unique and funtastic! This wooden carving product is one of beautiful handmade craft which present in different model. This is our new product named Thai Horse piece. The horse has the common horse virtue but has a shape as Thai temple. It has pointed ears and and beautiful hair crafting.

As decorative chess piece, this Thai Horse is perfect also for decoration use. You can put it on your living room table, library, dinning room, office, school, etc. It also perfect for outdoor decoration because this handmade product is durable. It made from best quality of Teak wood.
Find also the others Thai chess pieces.

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Wooden Carving Chess

Wooden chess is more worthly than plastic chess. Why? It because the wooden chess is handmade product which carved by craftsman. While plastic chess is factory product which cheaper than the wooden one. That is why, people everywhere cherish both the warm feel and polished look of processed wood.

Look at the picture above! Those are big chess pieces which carved beautifully by Java craftsman. Those are made from best quality Teak wood and polished well in natural brown and black color with glossy add. The big chess pieces are perfect for outdoor chess game or decoration need. Based on its main material, those big chess pieces are durable in any weathers and seasons.

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Blue And Yellow King Chess

Decorate the house especially the outside area is quite difficult. This is because in addition we must determine what the appropriate d├ęcor and we also have to choose the durable decoration to be placed at outdoor area. Carving furniture decoration is perfect for those of you who love the unique touch to your home. Especially if the furniture decoration has combined with the bright colors in order to make the house looks more fresh and colorful.

Color chess can be considered one for decorate your home. Chess pieces with different color than the ordinary chess, can give distinctive touch to your home. Blue and yellow chess pieces can be considered to decorate your home and can also be placed in the garden, patio space, children's playground, etc. Those chess pieces are durable for outdoor decoration because it carved from the best teak wood, so you do not have to worry about damage product.
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Bottom Part of Outdoor Chess Table

Outdoor chess table is perfect also for outdoor or garden party. You can use it as party decoration by put it in your outdoor party and lay the chess pieces set on the table. Looks elegant and attractive with its perfect furnishing. Polished in black and glossy make it perfect for outdoor use. You can play chess with your partner at your garden or backyard. Beside that, if you need some unique touch for your garden party, just put this kind of table and make sure that your guest feel surprised with its beautiful carving.

The chess table is very strong and durable furniture, because it has made from best quality of Teak wood. Look its bottom part. We make it carefully in order to make it strong in any seasons and weathers. Beside black color, you can also get natural brown, antique brown, dark brown or others. Those products made by our expert craftsman and produce the unique furniture for your house.

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Giant Fireball Logo

You may never found it in other places. But now on, you will surprised with this kind of giant board with fireball logo. Children and adolescent love this kind of room decoration. Designed in giant size, the board is perfect for house decoration especially in bedroom space and library.

A giant fireball logo has made from best quality of Teak wood. This is strongest wood which often use for garden and outdoor furniture material. This time, using the Teak wood material, finally we apply it into a giant fireball logo. It durable product for indoor and outdoor decor.

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King Chess Piece At Beach Hotel

This is wooden giant chess piece which stand at beach hotel area. King chess may the perfect choice for decoration need. It is handmade chess piece with beautiful carving detail. King Chess is a beautiful ornament for your hotel. As seen in the picture, the King chess is placed at outdoor hotel area and give its special touch for the hotel. It becomes the point of interest of the space and unique idea to welcome the guests.

King chess piece has made from Teak wood material which known as the strongest wood in the world. Based on its main material, the giant chess King is durable for outdoor use in any seasons. Durable and unique, the giant chess is really perfect for outdoor decoration, such as at patio area, garden area, backyard, hotel garden, public park, villa, camp ground, etc.

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer