Checker Set For Outdoor Game

Checker is universal board game that has known by many people in the world. But, this board game is not too famous as chess game. Checkers is played on the same board as Chess, consisting of the same 64 dark and light squares in alternation on a square board. The most obvious difference between the two games is the differing nature of the pieces and their position at the start of the game.

Checker equipment is simple. You just need a set of checkers and squares board. A Set of Checkers consists of 24 Checker pieces, 12 pieces are dark and 12 pieces are light. But now on, checker pieces are also come in rather big for outdoor use. This kind of checker set, too large for most tables, is particularly suited to be being placed on the floor, there to be played with and enjoyed by all members of your family. It is also suited to being carried outside and played on the lawn or transported to the beach.

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