36 Inch Chess Piece

Chess is a game that is traditionally played indoors at a chess table, but you will be able to find several different options that are great for taking the game of chess outdoors with you. One option that you will want to think about is a giant outdoor chess set that you can use in an open space. The pieces of this type of chess game are usually very large in size and will be perfect for children to play with or to use as decoration for the outside of your home.

Here is the 36 inch Queen chess piece that would make you consider it for outdoor chess game. Still using the best Teak wood as its main material, the 36 inch chess piece has recommended for outdoor use.Meanwhile, if you has the 36 inch chess set, you may use it for outdoor chess game. Although the piece is quite heavy, and are not easily transportable, but it can be easily shifted across the squares of the board in actual play.

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer