Playing Chess On The Table

Chess is an interesting game that has no limit for all ages. Children, adolescent, adult and old people are mostly know and like to play chess. They can play it indoor and outdoor. Just need chess pieces and chess board, the game can start.

Chess is a game of war between two armies, one of sixteen white pieces and one of sixteen black pieces, at the start arranged in two rows at opposite ends of the chessboard standing face to face. One chess piece can occupy only one space. In the front row of each side are the eight Pawns, followed in the back row by two Rooks at the ends; next to them the two Knights; then come the Bishops; and at the center the King and Queen, with the Queen on her own color. The Chessboard consists of 64 squares, alternating in black and white, with a white square, by international standard, on the far right of the first row for both sides. The player who controls the white pieces moves first.

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Fun And Challenging Chess Game

Chess is a game board that need brain drain because the players have to think of a strategy to win the game. Every step of the chess pieces is important for the end of the game, because the chess players should really have a good strategy to win.

Playing chess can be done indoors or outdoors. The equipment required is also simple and easy. You only need to prepare the chessboard and chess pieces, then your chess game has ready to begin. In fact, you can also get a set of big chess equipment for outdoor use. By using the big chess set, you can play outdoor chess which more exciting and challenging. Invite your friends, family and neighbour to join with you! Try it and enjoy it!

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Wooden Checkers On Squares Board

As same as chess, checker is also squares board game. The differences of those game are its rule and their pieces. Chess has different shapes of its pieces which took a Kingdom theme. Chess has King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook and Pawns as the soldier. While, all checker pieces are flat and round. Those pieces have same shapes and placed on black squares.

The rule of checker game is simple. The losing player is the one who has lost all his pieces or cannot move anymore because all of his Checker pieces have been blocked. First, the player should mastered the checker game. All of the checker pieces are placed on black squares and all of their moves are of the same type, diagonally forward, until one of the checker pieces gets crowned as King, then he has the ability to move and capture differently, forwards or backwards.

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Giant Chess Piece In Soft Violet

Wooden chess pieces are normally made of the light wood boxwood or sometimes maple. But here we offer the high quality of chess pieces. We made the chess pieces of Teak wood and crafted by professional craftsman from Java island. The colors promote modern and clean look. A new color for King Giant Chess. Soft violet color gives refreshment to your eyes. To be placed as decoration, this chess is recommended.

It also shows of the minimalist concept for you decoration idea. Simple color giant chess is our furniture decoration product with luxurious image. It looks modern and elegance.
We provides this kind of chess pieces for chess game or as furniture decoration. Just call us to order the wooden chess pieces. We offers the widest selection of wooden chess pieces and wooden giant chess to anywhere.

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Teak Wood Chess For Outdoor Chess Game

We are the manufacturer and exporter of wooden chess products. We are located on Java Island and we are recognized the world over for the quality and beauty of our chess products, carved in original and  precious Indonesian teak.

Teak is the choice for our products not just because it is beautiful, chess table but because it is also strong and durable; suited not only to chess play, but to being sculpted into the kinds of both utilitarian and decorative art that we and our highly skilled artisans take great pride in creating.

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16 Inch Chess Pieces For Outdoor

Those are the 16 inch chess pieces that stand on the chess board in accordance with their size. People usually use this kind of chess size for outdoor game or house decoration need. Many professional player like to having chess games by this 16 wooden chess. Durable construction with high quality brass closure and lined interior. Make all chess player likely this kind of chess.

The 16 inch chess pieces are made from original Teak wood, and particularly suited for play outdoors. The playing surface for this chess set is a flat board of 8" x 8" squares. All ages can play on this set, of course, but children will be especially delighted to play with it in yard, garden, or even play room, and it is still light enough to be transported wherever one might wish to take it.

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Six Feet Wooden Chess

This is six feet tall aof wooden chess piece. It is our tallest chess piece that had carved by our expert craftsman.Polished in natural brown and add with glosy touch, make it looks so elegant and attractive. Giant and tall chess piece that has made from best quality of Teak wood is very unique and funtastic. Find also in another color, such as; black, white, yellow and more.

Perfect for outdoor use. You can use it for garden, hotel, camp, and another outdoor space as decoration. This kind of garden decoration is very durable because made of Teak wood, which is famous as the strongest wood in the world.
We are manufacturer of giant chess pieces in various sizes. You may choose your favorite chess pieces and order to us. We also serve in big chess, chess set, standart chess, 12 inch chess, chess board, chess table, and other chess product. You can see our product in many famous hotel and resort in western countries and Europe.

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Giant Domino In 16 Inch Size

Domino is interesting game. May be you never thought for decorate your house with domino card. But we will make it real. We have giant domino card that useful for house decoration. Our product made of best quality of Teak wood and carved by professional craftsman. So it very unique and interesting to put it in your house or may be at your backyard. In the picture you can imagine how giant it is. Sure, it is wooden giant domino that polished in brown or natural wood color and we give it black and red points on it.

Our company also provides Giant Domino. Wooden giant domino is our another product. It is made from high quality teak, polished and painted well by an artist. So the result is attractive giant domino with strong body as teak wood quality, not easy to crack or broken when fallen. Get good price from us if you interesting for selling our product in your country. You may order your favorite giant domino to us.

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36 Inch Chess Piece

Chess is a game that is traditionally played indoors at a chess table, but you will be able to find several different options that are great for taking the game of chess outdoors with you. One option that you will want to think about is a giant outdoor chess set that you can use in an open space. The pieces of this type of chess game are usually very large in size and will be perfect for children to play with or to use as decoration for the outside of your home.

Here is the 36 inch Queen chess piece that would make you consider it for outdoor chess game. Still using the best Teak wood as its main material, the 36 inch chess piece has recommended for outdoor use.Meanwhile, if you has the 36 inch chess set, you may use it for outdoor chess game. Although the piece is quite heavy, and are not easily transportable, but it can be easily shifted across the squares of the board in actual play.

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Checker Set For Outdoor Game

Checker is universal board game that has known by many people in the world. But, this board game is not too famous as chess game. Checkers is played on the same board as Chess, consisting of the same 64 dark and light squares in alternation on a square board. The most obvious difference between the two games is the differing nature of the pieces and their position at the start of the game.

Checker equipment is simple. You just need a set of checkers and squares board. A Set of Checkers consists of 24 Checker pieces, 12 pieces are dark and 12 pieces are light. But now on, checker pieces are also come in rather big for outdoor use. This kind of checker set, too large for most tables, is particularly suited to be being placed on the floor, there to be played with and enjoyed by all members of your family. It is also suited to being carried outside and played on the lawn or transported to the beach.

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Giant Chess At Beach

Giant chess usually placed outside the room. This is because people often consider the size of chess that is more suitable to be placed outside. Giant chess is perfect for outdoor decoration, such as at patio area, garden area, backyard, hotel garden, public park, villa, camp ground, etc. Some people also put it at beautiful beach as giant chess game while they enjoy the summer holiday.

Just like in the picture above. A woman hold a giant chess piece at the beach. The giant chess itself has made from best quality of Teak wood, so it often called as Teak giant chess. It special designed for outdoor use and make a stunning home or garden feature as a complete game of chess in any landscape plan, or as individual piece. You could even choose to use of Giant Teak chess piece purely as garden ornaments or outdoor chess game.

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer