Wooden Giant Chess Set

The giant chess set above has made from best quality of Teak wood. The most salient characteristic of Teak wood is its resistance to all kinds of weather.  Because of this,  it is also resistant to decay and easily repels insects. This is one of the reasons that, unlike other woods, it is often used as the main material for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Teak wood holds its form over many years, even if left outside, and because of this it has often been used for the decking of ships - with its special aroma, cruise ships in particular.

By those reasons above, we choose the Teak wood as our main material in producing giant chess pieces that usually used for outdoor. The products durable in any weathers, so you can left it outdoor for months. People usually use the giant chess pieces for chess outdoor game. Some of them use it for house decoration and put it at garden, backyard area, patio and others.

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer