Wooden Chess Table

It is a multifunction chess table. It can be used as the common chess table, tall, and strong. But when you want to have the board only, you simply have to put off the table stand.
Many people buy the table to display beautiful chess sets. Otherwise, another people has different reason to buy chess table. The reason is because they want a good looking table to analyze chess game. From the reason above, we can conclude that chess table is a unique table for chess game or house furniture that will make your house feel different and elegant.
Here we present wooden chess table that polished well in natural wood color. As usual chess table, our chess table has 32 brown squares and 32 black squares so amount 64 squares. Completed with two drawers, so you can keep your chess pieces there.

Our chess table carved by professional craftsman with their experience skills. They are really expert in carving handmade product. You do not need worry about the quality, because our product is made from best Teak wood. So those chess table is very durable and has high quality.

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer