Chess Pieces Set On The Board

All of our chess products are made from best quality of Teak wood. Original from Indonesia Teak plantation. We also have dried the wood to get good wood to carved. Teak wood has known as the strongest wood in the world and it suit for our outdoor chess products.

Our big chess often use for outdoor chess game completed with its chess board. That's why, the Teak wood may become the best choice as our main material. Further, dried Teak wood would carved by our talented craftsman into unique and beautiful chess pieces. It also polished in black and natural brown with glossy touch. Then, the chess pieces has already use for your game.

As same as the pieces, the chess board also made from Teak wood and made by craftsman. The board has suited with its chess pieces size, so it make the board more wide than usual. Its squares also divided into black and brown color.
To start the game, you just need to arranged the chess pieces on the squares board.

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer