24 Inch Chess In Black And Yellow Polish

Here are the 24 inch chess pieces come to make your chess game more challenging. 24 inch chess set often use for outdoor chess game because those pieces have bigger size than usual chess pieces which used in chess tournament. Consider about the size, people prefer outdoor area to play using the 24 inch chess pieces. It should be supported with the suit chess board also.

This time, the 24 inch chess pieces come in black and yellow color. It make them looks elegant and beautiful with glossy touch. Made from best quality of Teak wood, those 24 inch pieces are durable carving product for outdoor game. So you can use it at beach, garden, backyard, villa, campground, hotel garden, and so on. You can left them at your backyard for months without worried about wood damage because those are made from the strongest wood in the world.

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer