Outdoor Chess Is Popular Game

One of popular game in weekend or holiday which often play outdoor is chess game. Chess is board game which has no limited age. All people can play it from children to adolescent. This game is often called as brain sport because the players must have good strategies to win the game. The winner is who has killed the opponent's King which protected by some strong soldiers.

A simple and challenging game. To play it, you should need its equipment. Chess game only need a set of chess pieces and completed with chess board or chess table. You just need put the chess pieces on the squares board and your game already to start. To make your chess game more attractive, try to play it outdoor. Use the big chess to support yous outdoor game, so you can play it by stand around the chess board.

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Wooden Carving Chess Piece

This chess piece has designed in giant size. It common use for outdoor chess game or as house decoration. Made from best quality of Teak wood, this chess piece is durable products in any seasons. You may left it outdoor for months without worried about wood damage because we choose the best Teak wood with dried process. It also polished in black and brown with glossy looks. We use the best paint to avoid the wood damage.

Wooden chess piece is carved by talented craftsman with beautiful chess detail. For house decoration, people usually put it at patio area, garden, backyard, library, and other interesting corner. Try to decorate your house with this giant chess piece and get unique touch in your house.

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Green vs Brown Chess Set

Feel bored with the ordinary chess set? Bored with those standard chess in brown and black?
To make you feel enjoy to play chess and get new sense in the game, here we present different color of chess set. We give you brown vs green chess set and completed with brown and black squares of wood chess board. They looks so elegant and harmonious. You can use it for your own collection or outdoor decor at your garden.

Visit our website. You will find another color that so attractive and unique. If you see the picture carefully, you will found the different design of this chess compare with another chess. It because we try to add unique touch to our product and make it so different that has its own characteristic. Find also other design of chess in our factory with variety color and sizes.
All of our product are made of Teak wood, so those are very durable for outdoor and indoor need.

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Stock In Our Factory

Those are our stock product in our factory. We processed in good quality way and finished the process in black and brown paint. All of our product are made if the best quality of Teak wood from Java island that famous of its good quality of Teak. We take special care in seeing that the Teak wood we use in our products is completely dry and cured before use.

Please know, before you order, that we are a company that takes as much pride in satisfying our customers as we do in the high quality of our products, and so if you ever have trouble with maintenance of, or defect in, our materials, we will readily provide you with an exchange. You should not have to worry about maintaining our products, especially our teak products, and we will treat you as well during the lifetime of their use as when you first purchased them from us.

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Big Chess Pieces At Edmonto, Canada

Big chess seems popular in western country. Some people use it for outdoor chess game and the others use chess pieces for decoration. Complete with its wide board enough, the big chess pieces are already for chess outdoor. Children and adolescent like to play those big chess pieces at backyard, garden, beach, camp ground and so on.

While, those big chess pieces also perfect for house decoration. It would be interesting to put big chess piece in your living room, dinning room, patio area, and other interesting corner in your house. Made from best quality Teak wood, those chess pieces are durable for any seasons. Otherwise, those are carved by talented craftsman which make those big chess pieces have unique and beautiful caving. Check it out!

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A Silver King

As chess products manufacturer, we have color Chess Pieces in a variety of fun colors. The color chess aimed to escape you from traditional and standard chess pieces which often apply in white and black color. By the color chess present, you can get new nuance in your chess game. You just need to choose what colors that you like and order it to us. We can make it as your order.

As an example, in the picture above is one of our color chess piece. A silver King chess which has made from best quality of Teak wood and carved by our talented craftsman. Polished in silver color with glossy touch, make it looks elegant and beautiful. You can also use for your house decoration, because we also provide the giant silver chess that has suited with furniture decoration size so that it will match with you other furniture.

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Rook Pieces In Four Sizes Choice

The rook is one of the most powerful pieces on a chess board. Rook pieces in the picture above is our wooden products which made from Teak wood material. It has carved by talented craftsman in four different sizes. Those rook pieces have represent other wooden chess and other rook color.

A rook itself is a piece which can move as many squares as are unimpeded by either an opponent's or the player's own pieces along a file or rank. In chess, the rook can move only forward and backward or from side to side. Its move always in a straight line.

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Big Checker Mats

Like our wooden checker board, our foam checker board ( reserved for 12″ x 12″ squares) can also be attached to floor or ground. Because it is made from a kind of foam material, it is, like our fabric boards, very light and easy to carry, greatly appreciated by children. Though this board is regularly used for indoor play, it does not preclude the possibility of its being used for outdoor play.

This kind of foam board is portable and practical of all board types. This board can be easily carried and stored, ready to be used whenever you have the desire to play checker and wherever you may be. Simply put it down in a flat place, and bring out your checker pieces. Perfect for those big checker pieces and play it at your garden or backyard. Complete your checker pieces set by this kind of board.

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Wooden Chess And Plastic Chess

What is the different of wooden chess pieces and plastic chess pieces?
The first answer is the plastic price more cheap than the wooden. Beside that, the plastic is more light to keep than the wooden. But in other side, wooden chess pieces more strength and resistance to wear in all seasons. Teak wood is quite substantial: this is because the wood contains oil of teak, a substance which greatly contributes to its water resistance. This element alone allows teak to avoid the decaying and infesting by insects to which many other woods are subject. These are just some of the many reasons that teak products, often considered as works of art in themselves, are so desirable.

So that, which kind of chess material that interest you? You may consider that wood chess is handmade and plastic is not. The reason is add its unique and artistic value.

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24 Inch Yellow Chess Pieces

Beautiful and unique chess pieces. Carved perfectly by expert craftsman and polished in beautiful color. Nice yellow with glossy touch, looks so elegant and interesting. Simple but attractive chess pieces make it perfect also for house decoration. Your living room will be looks nice if you put this kind of chess pieces. Those are sized 24 inch, so they aren’t too small and not too large. For other use, you can having outdoor chess game with your friends and family.
Our 24″ chess set is very popular for outdoor use, on a board with 12″ x 12″ squares. Children and adolescents especially love these pieces, and they are still not too large, nor too heavy, to be taken with you wherever you should wish to play. Even if kept permanently outdoors, in yard or garden, because they are of teak they can withstand any weather. Those are durable and high quality products.
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Giant Stone

Giant stone is furniture decoration made from best quality Teak wood and carved by talented craftsman. This wooden decoration product has adopted from the beautiful of Indonesia natural stone which often found at rivers in Indonesia and called as 'Batu Alam'. To apply it into wooden stone, the craftsman must carved it carefully to get same design as the real natural stone. So that, at the end, they polish the wooden stone into black color with glossy look. It so perfect as wooden stone decoration.

For house decoration, you can put it on your living room table, library, dinning room, children room, office and many more. It designed in giant size in order to make it suit with house decoration. Otherwise, this wooden stone decoration also present in other colors, such as; natural brown, yellow, blue, and many more.

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Marble Giant Card

Have you think that playing card has made from wood and designed in giant size? It would be some interesting and different. Here come, the playing card made from best quality of Teak wood that carved by talented craftsman from Java island. This playing card designed in giant size to make it perfect use for house decoration. The special appearance of this giant card is its motive. Polished in marble looks, make this card more elegant and beautiful. Its marble design also looks different with perfect suit colors.

Adopted from famous card game combine with marble motive, this giant card decoration is perfect for decorate your house, school, office or even hotel. You can lay it at your living room, dinning room, family room, garden, backyard, patio area and other corner in your house. Just try it!

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Big Halma Piece

Here is, Spielstein Halma piece comes in big size. Still using the best Teak wood as its main material, this halma piece is durable for outdoor use in any seasons. From the best quality of Teak wood, our talented craftsman have carved it into a great Halma piece and has worth value as handmade product because of its unique and different present. Not only in natural brown looks, but we also have many choices colors for the Halma. Get it in black, green, yellow, red and many more.

Big Halma piece is creative handmade product that can be placed at garden and backyard as decoration, indoor or at home as house decoration or use it as a gift and souvenirs for family and friends. It would be nice to put it at living room and match it with the other house furniture. Interesting to have it? Get it in good prices, only in www.giantchess.com

Giant Checkers And Board

Giant checkers often use for outdoor game by some people who like to board game. The checkers designed in giant and outdoor area may the only perfect place for the giant checkers. Those checkers need enough area to put and the people like to play it at garden, backyard, beach, camp ground and others. Not only the pieces, the outdoor checker game also supported with checker board. Suited with the giant checker pieces, the board also designed in wide enough.

The giant checkers set and board are already to play. Just bring it outdoor and having the interesting game with your friends and family. Made from the strongest wood of Teak, the checker and board are durable in any seasons. You may left it outdoor for months.

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High Quality Teak Wood

Teak is a kind of tree which produce high quality wood. Large tree, straight-trunked, it can grow as tall as 30-40 m. Large leaved, which whole in dry season. Teak is first class wood for strength, durability and beauty. Technically, Teak wood has the strength class and durability class. This wood is very resistant to termite attack. That's why, the Teak wood is popular wood in the world and has known as the strongest wood.

Based on those reasons, as wooden chess manufacturer and exporter, we choose this high quality of Teak wood as main material products. Made of Teak wood, our chess pieces are carved by talented craftsman in unique and beautiful shapes. Order now and find various sizes of chess pieces.

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer