Teak Logs As Our Main Material

Teak is kind of tree that producing high-quality wood. Large tree, straight trunked, can grow as tall as 30-40 m. Big leaf, which fall in the dry season. Teak is a high timber class for its strength, durability and beauty. Technically, teak wood has high quality and power durability. This wood is very resistant to termite attack.

Teak wood epidermis is brown, gray-brown to dark red brown. Although hard and strong, but the wood is easy to cut and carved, so loved to make furniture and carvings. Finely sanded wood has a smooth surface such as oily. Circular patterns in the wood deck is clear, that produces a beautiful picture.
With subtlety and beauty of color texture of the wood, teak wood is classified as a luxury. Therefore, the wood has processed into garden furniture, interior furniture, handicrafts, panels, and the steps. Teak wood contains a kind of oil and sediment in the wood cells, which can be long-lasting outdoor use even without polished; especially when used under the roof.

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