Wooden Chess Set In Black

Wooden chess set has made of Teak wood and craved by professional craftsman. We choose the best Teak wood as main material that has dried and processed it in good quality. We maintenance and care the product carefully in our factory.
We are manufacturer of big wood chess set that grow in Java island. You will get good price if you order to us and we also provide for its chess board, which also made of Teak wood so they are very durable to use outdoor and indoor.

Here we have black and glossy chess set that very useful for decorate your house or as party decor. You can also having a great chess game at your house garden or yard. It very interesting to play chess game outdoor with your friends, children and family member.
Have a party or some event in your house? Watch the excitement and enthusiasm when you add this kind of wood chess set to your party or event.

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer