Blue vs Red Chess Pieces

Chess is the interesting game for indoor and outdoor. Mostly, people like to play in theirs weekend or holiday to fresh their mind from the crowded of business or work activity. Chess is easy to learn, yet difficult to master, only adds to its appeal; especially for children who are then rewarded not only with the joy of discovery at play, but the kind of challenge that helps to develop both mind and discipline in study. The fact that Chess can be played anywhere and any time, with very little equipment, also adds to its appeal.

Based on this picture, color chess would become the attractive one for you. It would be nice if put this color chess in your house. This color chess pieces in a variety of fun colors. You can decorate your children room with some color chess.
You want to some different touch for your home or your children room? Why don’t try this color chess. Make up your room be colorful and funny with such color, including; yellow, red, orange, pink, or other light colors.

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Wooden Stone Pieces At Garden Field

Black and white stones that lay neatly on the green grass has give an interesting view for your garden. It would be more interesting if you have a few more to decorate the house and patio area where children play. In addition, black and white stones can also used as a tool to play with the children in the garden at once to take them to counting. You can create an educational games with your kids by using these decorative stones. The game will be very interesting for children especially if done outside room with a cozy and cool atmosphere.

Don't worry about its quality, because those black and white stones are made of best quality Teak wood, so that those are very durable for indoor and outdoor use. Those are also polished in good way to be prepared for outdoor use. The stones are safe for your children and easy to move. Try now get it now!

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Cultivation and conservation of the Teak tree in Indonesia is managed by the government of Indonesia, Perum Perhutani (Forestation Company of Government). The largest producer of teak in Indonesia is Java. Its geography and weather are highly suitable to Teak tree plantations; Java Island is also a manufacturing center where many furniture workers are employed to process the wood of the Teak tree into unique and beautiful furniture.

To get teak wood of the highest quality, there are some things that must be carefully attended to in the retrieval process. The older Teak trees, of up to 40 years in age, are the best ones to be cut. In fact, the older the Teak tree, the better will be the quality of its wood. Before cutting the Teak tree, the water content must be drained from the tree by making a cut at its under side. This draining process takes time, 1 to 2 years, in order to get the Teak tree dry enough that it can be cut into Teak wood, and so ready for its main use as the material for furniture and other products.

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48 Inch Wooden Chess

48 inch chess pieces is categorized in giant chess size. The picture show about the tall and the gallant of chess pieces that made from Teak wood. We choose the best quality of Teak wood as its main material and has dried. Those chess pieces describe about the strong and gallant of the product. Get the product from us, the manufacturer of wood chess pieces and special in carving wood house decoration.

This kind of chess pieces can use for outdoor need. You may put it at your garden or backyard as decoration or for outdoor play, decorate your garden party, for hotel decoration, or to decorate another outdoor and indoor event. In the picture, we give you some example of our product in black and white. But we also provide another colors, such as brown or natural wood, blue, green, purple, silver, etc.

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Wood Giant Chess For Outdoor Decoration

Giant chess is more suitable for outdoor use. Surely it because the giant chess set need quite wide enough to put the pieces. If you use giant chess set for outdoor game, sure you also need the chess board. Very durable to use because it has made of best quality of Teak wood. This wood has known as the strongest wood in the world, so it perfect for outdoor furniture material.

Those giant chess pieces are perfect for your garden, yard, as patio furniture, and more. Great decoration ideas for baby and children at wooden giant chess at your home. Try to put wooden giant chess set in your home and sure that your children will enjoy their new game. Therefore, you may decorate your room with some pieces of our beautiful products.

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Marble Giant Card

Decoration furniture is some furniture product which used for decorate house and make your room more interesting. Many people looking for unique and funtastic decoration to make their house looks beautiful. This time we introduce you about a unique decoration furniture for your house, especially your outdoor area. We called it as a giant card. It has adopted from card game and apply it in giant size for decoration need.

In the picture above we showed you giant card which polished in marble. It has made of Teak wood anda carved perfectly by our craftsman. It very durable for indoor and outdoor use. Many people use it for decorate their patio or porch area.
You just need to find a beautiful color of giant card which suit with your house furniture. Find this kind of giant card in blue marble and others interesting colors.

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Geometric Chess Pieces

The picture show three geometric chess pieces which usually use for indoor chess game. This kind of chess is very unique and different from those ordinary chess set. Geometric chess pieces give different touch for chess game. Beside as chess game use, this chess will be a focal point in your living room or library. Geometric chess is undoubtedly stunning. This geometric chess is absolutely stylish and worth keeping.

Geometric chess piece gives the futuristic and modern looks. As home decoration, It can be placed on your sofa table, book case, coffee table for your convenience. As chess set manufacturer, we produce the series of chess called Geometric Chess.
Produce in handmade process and made of the best main material, make its quality better and perfect. It has made of Teak wood, so the product is very durable for outdoor use.

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In The Teak Tree Forest

In the picture above you can see little Teak tree which has growth in a Teak forest in Java island. Teak tree need enough time to grow and become big tree, almost years. In Indonesia itself, there are many Teak forest that spread in all provinces. Those Teak forest always produce best quality of Teak wood and often export to other countries.

The Teak Tree, or Tectona, is one of the tropical hardwood birches, included in the family Verbenaceae. This tree is originally from the plantations of South East Asia, and can grow to a height of 30 - 40 m. As part of its life cycle, this tree sheds its leaves every year at dry season. Its longevity is very great, the Teak tree often living to an age of 100 years. Teak is especially noted for its capacity to withstand changes in the weather and season. One of the reasons for this is the ability of the Teak to bend, but not break, in the face of high winds.

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Green vs Brown Chess Set

Feel bored with the ordinary chess set? Bored with those standard chess in brown and black?
To make you feel enjoy to play chess and get new sense in the game, here we present different color of chess set. We give you brown vs green chess set and completed with brown and black squares of wood chess board. They looks so elegant and harmonious. You can use it for your own collection or outdoor decor at your garden.

Visit our website. You will find another color that so attractive and unique. If you see the picture carefully, you will found the different design of this chess compare with another chess. It because we try to add unique touch to our product and make it so different that has its own characteristic. Find also other design of chess in our factory with variety color and sizes.
All of our product are made of Teak wood, so those are very durable for outdoor and indoor need.

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Strong Part Of Chess Table

This is one of chess table part which has known as the buffer. This part is the strongest part to prop the table load. It has designed in round shapes to get a unique looks and polished in black with glossy touch. The black chess table looks so elegant with its single leg. Besides, you can also use it as one of your house furniture. You can put it in your dinning room, library, patio area and others house corner.

Black chess table has made of best quality of Teak wood and carved by profesional craftsman. This product is very durable for indoor and outdoor use, so you can use it at your patio area, garden, camp area, and other outdoor area. Get other chess table in different design and different colors. As chess manufacturer and house decoration furniture manufacturer, we have many choices for you. Shop now and order now!

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Wooden Chess Set In Black

Wooden chess set has made of Teak wood and craved by professional craftsman. We choose the best Teak wood as main material that has dried and processed it in good quality. We maintenance and care the product carefully in our factory.
We are manufacturer of big wood chess set that grow in Java island. You will get good price if you order to us and we also provide for its chess board, which also made of Teak wood so they are very durable to use outdoor and indoor.

Here we have black and glossy chess set that very useful for decorate your house or as party decor. You can also having a great chess game at your house garden or yard. It very interesting to play chess game outdoor with your friends, children and family member.
Have a party or some event in your house? Watch the excitement and enthusiasm when you add this kind of wood chess set to your party or event.

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Outdoor Chess Table And Pieces Set

Playing outdoor chess game is interesting activity to do in weekend and holiday time. But, before you enjoy your game, make sure that you've ready about the chess equipments, such as; chess pieces set, chess boar or table, tools or mat. Those simple equipment that you should prepare. For an example, in the picture above, we show you about a wooden chess table and wooden chess pieces set.

The table and chess pieces has put at patio area with outdoor nuance. It has completed with two stools to support the player. It has made of Teak wood and carved by expert craftsman. This table is durable for outdoor use because it has mede from the strongest wood, so you may left it outdoor for months. Beside, you can also use it as one of your house furniture and put it at your living room, library, patio or porch area, and others.

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Teak Chess Piece - Perfect For Outdoor Decoration

Teak wood is the only one of our main material for chess prodcuts, including; chess pieces, chess board, chess table, chess trophy, checker pieces, and others. So why we choose Teak wood?
The customers satisfied and good quality products are our aim. So that, we choose the best wood of Teak wood as our main material. This wood has known as the strongest wood in the world and will make our wooden products looks great. The other reason is because Teak wood bring durable aspect for our product, so that it can use for indoor and outdoor area. Find and choose which chess product that can attract you.

As show in the picture above, our chess piece has designed in big size. It perfect for outdoor decoration, such as put at your garden area, patio area, camp, park, and others. Get it now for your house decor!

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Big Chess Set On Its Wooden Board

Teak wood has become our choice as main material of all of ou chess products, include; chess pieces, chess table, chess board, checker pieces, and many more. By using this strongest wood, we can present you durable chess product for indoor and outdoor use in any seasons. So that, if you want to having chess game at your garden or beach, you allow to do it using our chess product.

Just in the picture above. Those are our chess pieces product that carved from best Teak wood by our expert craftsman. Those chess pieces have designed in big size, so you can apply it for outdoor game. Those pieces have completed with their board which also made of Teak wood material. By the chess pieces and board, your outdoor game can start.

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36 Inch Of Wooden Giant Chess

The playing surface for this chess set is a chessboard with 18" x 18" squares, and is highly suited to being played by adults in various outdoor settings, and for many different occasions. Although the pieces are quite heavy, and are not easily transportable, they can be easily shifted across the squares of the board in actual play.

We manufacturer of wooden chess pieces. Our product has made of Teak wood and polished in natural brown glossy color. We also provide in other polish, such as black, and other color. Our product is the best product because made of the strongest wood in the world, so you do not feel worried to use it outdoors. Find the best price on chess piece rook in our shop now!

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A Checker Set

Checkers is played on the same board as Chess, consisting of the same 64 dark and light squares in alternation on a square board. The most obvious difference between the two games is the differing nature of the pieces and their position at the start of the game. All of the Checker pieces are placed on black squares and all of their moves are of the same type, diagonally forward, until one of the Checker pieces gets crowned as King, then he has the ability to move and capture differently, forwards or backwards. There are several different varieties of Checkers, with differing rules of play.

It so easy for played and has simple equipment. As showed in the picture above, you just need checker pieces and squares board for your game. To make it unique and worthly, we provide a wooden checker set. Those checker equipment are made of Teak wood and durable for outdoor use.

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Stock In Our Factory

Those are our stock product in our factory. We processed in good quality way and finished the process in black and brown paint. All of our product are made if the best quality of Teak wood from Java island that famous of its good quality of Teak. We take special care in seeing that the Teak wood we use in our products is completely dry and cured before use.

Please know, before you order, that we are a company that takes as much pride in satisfying our customers as we do in the high quality of our products, and so if you ever have trouble with maintenance of, or defect in, our materials, we will readily provide you with an exchange. You should not have to worry about maintaining our products, especially our teak products, and we will treat you as well during the lifetime of their use as when you first purchased them from us.

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer