Yellow Chess Piece At Backyard

Shocking yellow for this season! Usually, you know about brown and black chess pieces. But here we present different chess for you. We have yellow giant chess for your garden or hotel outdoor. Very unique and so different!
Adopting the idea of futuristic color, we create yellow chess color. It gives fresh atmosphere in your room and house.
This chess piece is highly recommended for decoration.

Decorate your garden with different touch. Put this giant yellow chess at your garden and make some different touch in your outdoor area. You can also left it at your backyard space. This chess piece has made from Teak wood, so it's very durable for any seasons and weathers. If you want to dress your house with another chess color, we can make it. We have another color, such as; totally blue, white chess, silver chess, black chess and many more.

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer