36 Inch Chess Piece Perfect For Garden Decoration

The playing surface for this chess set is a chessboard with 18" x 18" squares, and is highly suited to being played by adults in various outdoor settings, and for many different occasions. Although the pieces are quite heavy, and are not easily transportable, they can be easily shifted across the squares of the board in actual play.
Not only for outdoor game, 36 inch chess piece also perfect for garden decoration or patio area. it would be so nice if you add your patio area with something unique like this giant wooden chess.

We manufacturer of wooden chess pieces. Our product has made of Teak wood and polished in natural brown glossy color. We also provide in other polish, such as black, and other color. Our product is the best product because made of the strongest wood in the world, so you do not feel worried to use it outdoors. Find the best price on chess piece rook in our shop now!

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer