Wooden Big Checker Pieces

Brown and black in glossy touch, those checker pieces looks interesting. Very nice and elegant to see. The checkers in the picture above called as Big Checker Pieces, made of best Teak wood and has high quality. Because of its quality, the product is very durable for outdoor and indoor use. You may play checker game at your garden or backyard in any seasons and weather, the checker set very safe to left outdoor.

The checker product carved by our expert craftsman. They carved so carefully and detail. So that, the products are very unique and has polished well. Many kids and adolescent like to play big checker pieces at garden. You just need flat area and arrange the board there. Then checker game can be so interesting with new nuance. The checker pieces is easy to move, eventhough they categorized in big checker pieces and made of Teak wood. Enjoy your day with checker game at your garden.

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer