Teak Forest In Java Island

Lush, shady, cool, green, gurgling water, towering trees, and also the wildlife. Those are our description when we talk about the forest. Leaves withered, the trees stay standing between the heat of the sun, seasons change, leaves blossom, forest green in the rainy season, interspersed with the singing animals shouted, that is the nuance of Teak forests between the two seasons, kept the legends and traditions of communities surrounding which very attractive for impregnated.

Teak is a cultivated plant that has a long history. Teak forests in Java are in the center and east part area. For the conditions in West Java where the soil consists of volcanic mountains land, teak is only available at certain places only. Dry climate and unstable hot from East Java and Central Java are all factors to help and promote the growing proliferation of Teak trees, this is different from the climate conditions in the mountainous land. Teak has a limited territory, which is 2000 feet height.

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