Exhibit The Outdoor Chess On Street

Wooden chess set with high quality and beautiful carving will make you proud and satisfied. You can exhibit it on street just like on the picture above. You can check its durability and its quality by left it under the sun and when rainy. We sure that our product is durable in any seasons and weathers. Decorate your house, indoor and outdoor area with this kind of chess set and make it unique for exhibit.

Children and adolescents especially love these pieces, and they are still not too large, nor too heavy, to be taken with you wherever you should wish to play. Even if kept permanently outdoors, in yard or garden, because they are of teak they can withstand any weather. Very unique and durable to put in any area. Carved by professional craftsman and polished well in standard chess color, black and brown or natural wood color.

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer